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educating providers  

Organizational Effectiveness

TEAM-MOE provides technical assistance to help build organizational capacity to better serve vulnerable populations. Specific organizational enhancement projects include leadership programs, evaluation institutes, organizational needs assessment, and program management capacity building.  Through an extensive network of subject matter experts in key areas of organizational effectiveness, TEAM-MOE provides customized workshops, seminars, and courses on the following “domains of organizational excellence”. 

New Program Development New Program Development
Program Planning and Implementation Program Planning and Implementation       
Project Management Project Management
Client Participant Data Client/Participant Data Collection 
Volunteer Support and Management Volunteer Support and Management
Coordinaton and Colaboration Coordination and Collaboration  
Community Outreach and Awareness Community Outreach and Awareness
Information Sharing and Knowledge Dissemination Information Sharing and Knowledge Dissemination
Team Building Team-building: From Theory to Practice
Leadership Leadership Development  
Social Marketing Social Marketing
Huamn Resources adn Personal Management Human Resource and Personnel Management
Personal and professional Growth_Dev Personal and Professional Growth and Development        
Consumer Involvement Programs Consumer Involvement in Programs
Information SystemsDev and Maintenance Information Systems Development and Maintenance
Fiscal Budget Management Fiscal/Budget Management
Grant Writing Grant Writing, Reporting, and Management
Continued Quality Improvement Continued Quality Improvement (CQI)
Program Evaluation Program Evaluation            
Stustainability Planning Sustainability Planning

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