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Program Evaluation and Research   

TEAM-MOE has been extremely successful in working with community-based organizations in program evaluation even when resources are limited. Since 2005, TEAM-MOE has evaluated approximately 20 community-based social and health programs. Our evaluation frameworks bridge the gap between “rigor” and “feasibility” as it relates to measuring the effectiveness of community-based programs in particular.  With qualifications in qualitative and quantitative evaluation research methods, TEAM-MOE utilizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s suggested six steps for program evaluation as follows: 

Engage diverse stakeholders in the evaluation planning process to ensure that every evaluation is centered on empowerment principles. TEAM-MOE’s approach to stakeholder engagement includes a range of activities such as discussions about program design, implementation, and documentation.

Describe the program’s core components,including objectives, activities, and intended outcomes for evaluation purposes.  At the end of this process, TEAM-MOE typically produces: (1) a program logic model, (2) a program implementation flow chart, and (3) a program narrative.

Focus the evaluation design in a way that balances rigor with various aspects of feasibility, including funding, timing, staffing, and access to the program stakeholders. Focusing the evaluation design includes: (1) developing “domains and operational definitions,” (2) developing evaluation questions, (3) assuring that key activities are measurable, (4) selecting indicators that are feasible, (5) selecting data sources and data collection methods, and (6) defining a timeline for data collection, management, analysis, and reporting. 

Gather credible evidence using diverse and appropriate data collection methods. TEAM-MOE develops data collection plans that are customized for a particular program or organization.

Justify Conclusions by linking evidence gathered to agreed-upon values or standards set by the key stakeholders. During the data analysis phase, TEAM-MOE uses multi-disciplinary interpretative frameworks, including but not limited to black feminist theory, behavioral theories of change, social psychological paradigms, and ecological frameworks

Share evaluation findings and lessons learned with diverse stakeholders.  In the final step of the evaluation process,TEAM-MOE assures that data are analyzed and disseminated appropriately and in a timely manner.  Evaluation dissemination may include products such as monthly reports, case studies, summative evaluation reports, professional conference presentations, and journal article publications.

Samples of MOE work
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